Autumn 2017 collection from Cox & Cox

Hurrah! Cox & Cox Autumn collection is out and as always, I want it all!

Cox & Cox is renowned for its eclectic mix of products, allowing you to mix and match design trends to reflect your personal style.  The result is a range of traditional and contemporary items that are both beautiful and functional.

Starting with their furniture and textile ranges, I have completely fallen in love with the velvet Penleigh Ottomans in slate grey and blush. Annoyingly I want the slate grey shape in the blush colour but hey you can’t have everything and lets face it, they are both utterly gorgeous.

The Laverton chair that follows comes in a range of different fabrics – from a plain grey, to a floral fancy, to my personal favourite which is the mustard and grey Ikat. This is the perfect handcrafted  statement chair for your living space.

Sticking with the grey and blush theme (which is still one of my favourite combos), this vintage rose linen bed spread would look perfect in my guest bedroom and is definitely ticking the stylish but cosy box.

Brass seems to be the metal of the moment and features heavily throughout the collection. Everything from candlestick holders to console tables seem to be made with this material and it’s not hard to see why. Brass has a timeless quality that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication throughout the home. My favourites include this brass round mirror, the standing brass planter and a console table topped with marble.

Other highlights include their Scandinavian style kitchen collection. Each item is individually glazed and kiln fired in a textured muted blue finish that would look beautiful on any dining table.

There are simply too many beautiful items to highlight here on this page, so go check out the new Autumn collection and get your orders in!

All images Via Cox and Cox


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