A ‘Bloomon’ good review

For those that follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I recently celebrated my fourth wedding anniversary. (For those interested I did a post on my wedding here). I can’t actually believe it’s been four years already. Anyway, this year the traditional gift for four years is flowers and fruit – cue my beautiful floral bouquet from Bloomon.

I had never heard of Bloomon before but I was chuffed to pieces when they arrived in the post. Not only did I receive a stunning bouquet but I also received a perfect shaped vase. Short and wide, this vase allows the flowers to fall in the most organic way.

What I especially loved about Bloomons (apart from the obvious gorgeousness of the bouquet) is that it came with an incredibly well designed booklet. It was full of important hints and tips on how to arrange and care for your flowers. Not only that but I also received a flower knife to trim the ends of each stem, which again was a nice little touch.

To start, Bloomon advises that you spread out the stems on the table in height order and start with stronger, small-medium flowers. Then they say to criss-cross the stems over each other and add another two, creating an ‘X’ from above. This basically creates a strong base so you can continue criss-crossing the other stems one by one. They also advise to keep turning your vase as you add more stems so you can see it at all angles. Finally fill any holes with greenery and add the long stems last, putting them over the strong ‘X’ base. For further flower arranging tips they have lots of videos online which is well worth a visit –  Bloomon.co.uk/tips

One of the best things about this whole thing is it is the gift that keeps on giving. If you invite your friends and they buy a bouquet then they receive a free vase and you receive a free bouquet! Win Win! I will certainly be telling my friends and spreading the bloomon love.


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