How to care for your house plants

I’ve become quite obsessed with house plants and have quite a collection throughout the home. However, when it comes to plant care, I have a knack of killing off even the most resilient of plants.

I recently received a postcard from the amazing Geo-fleur, which was full of handy hints and tips  that seemed too good not to share. So below is a round-up of some of the most popular house plants and a guide on how to prolong the life of these luscious green botanicals.

How to care for your:

Cacti: Cacti’s don’t like to get wet but still need water albeit in small doses. The best thing to do is to mist every 2-3 weeks and allow the plant to become dry before watering again.

Succulent: Succulents require bright, indirect sunlight. The best thing to do is to mist in the centre of the plant once a week.

Air plant: I bought my first Air plant from Burford garden centre recently but had no clue how to look after such an unusual plant. According to Geo-Fleur, they recommend watering once a week by submerging it in a bowl of water. After 10 minutes remove the plant from the water and place on a towel to dry.

Monstera: I have spoken fondly of this plant already and currently have two different types in my home. To keep this tropical beauty at it’s best, you should place your Monstera plant onto a saucer and water from the bottom once a week and mist the leaves every 3 days.

Fern: The same technique should be used for your Ferns – use a saucer to water from the bottom once a week and mist every 3 days. Remember, ferns generally like to be kept warm but try to avoid direct sunlight.

Fiddle Leaf Fig: This has to be my favourite house plant and seems to be my longest standing. This plant needs plenty of light but again avoid direct sun. The large leaves will need to be kept dust free as this can interfere with its breathing. This plant needs to be watered when the top inch of soil is dry but the underneath is moist.

I’d love to know if you have any top tips for keeping your house plants healthy!


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