How to keep your flowers blooming for longer…


I love filling the home with fresh flowers, especially vibrant coloured blooms that bring a pop of colour and soft aroma to a room.

Unfortunately beautiful blooms don’t last forever and I always feel a bit sad when the colours start to fade and the petals start to drop – especially if they have been given to me as a gift.

To prolong the life of flowers and keep them as fresh as possible, I always follow these simple tricks so I can keep my bouquet blooming for longer…

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1) Always trim the stems. Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut the stems about 1/2 inch from the bottom and cut on a slant as this will help the flowers absorb more water.

2) Remove unwanted leaves. Any leaves that sit below the water in your vase should be removed. This is because the leaves start to go soggy and can make the water dirty and full of bacteria – flowers need clean drinking water just like the rest of us!


3) Dig out your Hairspray. I found this tip from the lovely Serenta Flowers – they recommend lightly spraying the underneath of the petals and hanging them upside down till they dry before putting them in the vase.

4) Freshen the Water. Every other day its worth swapping the water to keep it clean and fresh. If you don’t you will notice the water going murky quite quickly and again bacteria will form  and damage your blooms.

5) Re-trim the stems. When you change the water, it’s a good idea to re-trim the stems to make sure the flowers continue to reach the drinking water.

6) Feed them up. Don’t forget flowers need feeding too. You will usually get some flower feed included with your bouquet but if not, be sure to pick some up from your local florist.


Next time you find yourself with a bouquet in your hands, remember these simple tips and hopefully we can all enjoy our blooms for that little bit longer.

I’d love to know if you have any good tips…


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