Wedding photography training

I’ve just got back from an intense course in wedding photography and absolutely fell in love with the prospect of capturing such a special day.

Although there is nothing like shooting an actual wedding, it was fun to practise on models nonetheless and has given me some food for thought when it comes to my photography journey.

Among other things, the course has made me think about the type of photographer I want to be. I was definitely more drawn to the fine art style and the timeless look that film photographers seem to create. There seems to be a resurgence in using both film and digital within the wedding industry at the moment and that’s something I’m definitely keen to explore further.

Before taking this course I wouldn’t have even considered shooting in film, however now I look at it in a whole different light. Yes digital will always have its place, especially in low light conditions, but the prospect of using film and learning the art of photography in its original format, is pretty inspiring to say the least.

My focus at the moment is family photography but it’s exciting to think there could be an extended arm in the future.

Here’s a few from the training – shot on digital!

Rachel x


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