Anyone that knows me, knows I have a serious case of Wanderlust! Ever since embarking on a round-the-world trip in 2008, I promised myself I would always try to go somewhere new whenever the opportunity arose.

Whether I’m escaping to Europe for a long weekend or seeking adventures further afield, I always make sure I have the following Travel Essentials:

1. Mulberry Tote. I am completely obsessed with Mulberry bags and this one is the perfect size for all your travel essentials – a bit of a splurge but there are plenty of large tote bags out there that would do the job just as well.

2. Lanolips 101 beauty balm. This is my go-to beauty product as it provides extreme hydration for the lips as well as having, you guessed it, 101 other uses! Perfect for plane journeys where the air seems to suck out all the moisture from the skin.

3. Kate Spade Travel Wallet. My so-called holiday pouch has been the butt of jokes over the years (it was a freebie but it held my passport and boarding pass so perfectly). Admittedly, its  seen better days, so this Kate Spade Travel Wallet is a perfect replacement and will ensure all my travel documents are safely kept together.

4. Beats Rose Gold Headphones. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than forgetting my music when going abroad.

5. Kate Spade Luggage Tag. Ok I admit it – My suitcase has a lot to answer for – not only is it slightly battered around the edges, it’s also plain black, and therefore looks like every other suitcase going around the baggage turnstile. To make sure it stands out I always wrap ribbon around the handles and add a bright luggage tag for ease of recognition. My worst nightmare would be too lose my luggage so I always ensure my luggage tag has my contact information in, as well as my outward destination.

6. Loose fitting Sandals. Is it just me or does anyone else’s feet swell on a long haul flight? I always wear loose fitting sandals so in the unfortunate case of swollen feet I can happily slip them back on with minimum fuss – which reminds me, I also always pack a pair of socks!

7. Ray-ban Sunglasses. Again, slightly obsessed! I think I own 4 different styles of Ray-ban sunglasses. They are exactly what I need after a long haul flight to help hide any jet lag.

8. Kindle. I’m a convert… I know some of you still prefer a classic book but the kindle is a travel essential in my eyes. How I used to survive lugging around numerous books, I’ll never know!

9. Olivia Von Halle Eye Mask. Eye masks have just stepped up a notch – a travel essential to ensure you get plenty of shut-eye on your travels.

10. Pen. You know that moment when the flight attendant brings round numerous immigration cards for you to fill in and you forgot to put that pen in your bag! Need I say more?

11. Panasonic Lumix gf7. This is a great little CSC camera and I literally take it everywhere with me!



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